From the users feedback the main problems of Morph Master are:

Compatibility with OpenGL

Morph Manager works very well and stable on my computers:

If you experiment instability do:


Out of memory with Victoria or Michael

Version 1.1 of Morph Master has an optimized memory manager. Now you can work with large mesh on computers with little ram. For the use with previous versions see the next procedure:
Try to divide the geometry into several part.
As example if you wanto to work on the head extract the head from the geometry and use it in Morph Master.
To do this you can use Compose.
You can find Compose at Renderosity in the free stuff (search compose).
Compose is a Java program so you must download also the
Java Runtime Environment from the Sun site (see Compose-docs.txt).
In Compose:

Use this obj with Morph Master as usual.


"List index out of bounds" error loading mesh without UVMap vertices

If your mesh does not have UVMap vertices you experiment this error when hit "Modify geometries to create a morph target" menu.
Morph Master works with this type of files starting from version 1.01.