The Tailor Title
Fully satisfied with the tailor

The Tailor is based on some complex algorithms that allow the transformation of the shape of a mesh through the copy of the shape of another mesh. This permits to extract the shape of a morph in a model and create an analogous morph in a dress.
The procedure is fully automated. You must only load a model and the dress, check the morphs you want to transfer to the dress and the program will do the rest.
A wizard will guide you in the first uses of the program.
View this short guide to see how it is easy and fast
With The Tailor you can save an incredible amount of time.

System requirements

A computer with Windows and a good video card that supports OpenGL. Help and tutorials are in Microsoft HTML Help format.

You can buy The Tailor 1.61 for only $29.95 at DAZ-3D

If you have the version 1.5 you can buy the update to version 1.61 for only $9.95 at DAZ-3D

New in version 1.61

New in version 1.6

New in version 1.5

New in version 1.1

New in version 1.03


Download now a demo version of The Tailor V.1.61 (save disabled). The Tailor Demo (2.1 MByte)