Morph Master Title

Morph Master is a program that can help you with the creation of morph targets for Poser and for now it is free for all.

You can import the *.obj files of the geometries, modify them in the program and export the changes as morph targets.

Morph Master has powerful functions to simplify the job, here is a list of more important:





General function to:

New in version 1.01
With the version 1.01 you can setup Morph Master to use OpenGL (the standard library that he uses to render the images) in software mode. So if you have an out of date video card or have troubles with the drivers you can switch Morph Master to avoid the use of the hardware acceleration. Morph Master is highly optimized so the loss in performances using the software mode are minimal. The mode is changed through an external program accessible with start menu "OpenGL mode setup". After you have changed the mode you must restart Morph Master for new setting to take effect.

New in version 1.10
New function in Transformer tools: Translate along a straight line. Now you can translate a selection more precisely than with Translate function
New function in Modifiers tools: Randomize vertices. Now you can add some noise to the vertices in the selection.
Memory manager optimized. Now you can work with large mesh like Victoria on computer with only 64 Mbyte ram.

New in version 1.11
Bug in the memory manager fixed.

System requirements

A computer with Windows and a good video card that supports OpenGL 1.2. Help and tutorials are in Microsoft HTML Help format.

Download Morph Master 1.11 now! MorphMaster (2.1 MByte)

If you have problems to run the program see the troubleshooting section.