Drum The Tailor

A program that transports automatically morphs from the body to the clothes

Morph Master

The easy and powerful system to do morph targets for Poser


01/25/06 The Tailor 1.61 is in the store at DAZ-3D. In the store is also present the update for the owners of the version 1.5. A demo of the version 1.61 with the save functions disabled is available.
03/15/05 Changed the Hosting company for this site.
06/18/03 The Tailor 1.5 is in the store at DAZ-3D
New demo of version 1.5 available.
06/07/02 The TheTailor 1.1 is in the store at DAZ-3D
03/12/02 New The Tailor 1.03
03/04/02 Update: new demo of TheTailor that overcome the problem of the registry.
03/01/02 New product: The Tailor
10/07/01 Patch 1.11a of Morph Master to avoid a problem with the mirror of the imported morphs as you can see in this message of the Poser Forum. Download the patch and substitute the file MrMst.exe
09/30/01 Version 1.11 of Morph Master. Bug in the memory manager fixed.
09/29/01 Version 1.1 of Morph Master. Two new tools and some optimizations to work with Vicky on a computer with only 64 MByte of ram
09/11/01 New version of Morph Master. Now you can setup OpenGL to software mode to avoid troubles with the drivers of the video card.
09/03/01 Woman tongue tutorial added in tutorials section


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